Mens Thobe Pants - Brown Size 66 (XL) $18.00
Mens Thobe Pants - Dark Grey Size 62 (M/L) $18.00

Mens Cotton BlendΒ  pants.

Comfortable slip on pants with zip side pockets and elastic waist.

Great to wear under thobes / Jubba, or as a casual pants in summer with a long shirt or tshirt.

SIZE : Available in 4 sizes 60 (S/M), 62 (M/L), 64 (L/XL), 66 (XL)

Size : 62 (M/L)

Colour : Sand

In stock



In stock


Cool, comfortable and stylish slim fit serwal pants for thobes and kurtas. These pants look good with formal clothing or casual.

They feel good and are great for wearing all day.Β  They are also lightweight and are very comfortable for warmer climates. These pants come with an elastic waist and a side pocket.

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