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Join Melek at school as she makes friends, saves Zac in the pool, meets Rattus Rattus the class reading rat and quirky Miss, a teacher who encourages unusual ways of problem solving.

The Book Parade side-tracks Melek’s dreams of forming a girls’ football team in her school. Miss said for the Book Parade she needs to dress-up as a character from a book.

But there are no books with hijabi girls like Melek in the school library, and she definitely doesn’t want to dress up as Little Red Riding Hood, again! With the help of her friend, and the new girl Tien, Melek finds her solution.

But can she stop Zac and Rattus Rattus from ruining the Book Parade?

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In stock


Authors:Hazel Edwards & Ozge Alkan 

Illustrator: Serena Geddes 

2 further books in the series are due for release in 2022


NEWSFLASH!   Larrikin Puppet making the Hijabi Girl Musical in 2022


Should be a fun show, Insha Allah.

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