The Quran Pen - Small Qur'an $110.00
Arabic Alphabet Floor Puzzle $15.00

The Quran Pen is a reciter assisting device which is designed for Muslims and Non-Muslims to learn to recite the Quran with an actual reciting method through its user friendly features and interacting guiding program that makes it suitable for all ages.

The best tool to read, learn and memorise the Quran.

Package includes:
-Holy Quran Reader Pen
-Large Quran in Color Coded Uthmani Script
-Al Qaidah Norania
-Hajj and Umrah Guide
-Sahih Muslim Riyadh al-Saliheen with voice
-Sahih al Bukhari with voice
-Talking Dictionary
-USB cable
-User Manual
-Gift Box

13 Quran Reciters: Al-Afasy, Abdul Basit, Minshawi, Al-Ajmy, Sudais, Ghamadi, Husary, Shatri, Hudaify, Ayyub, Basfer, Al-Jibril and Minshawi with Children.

11 Languages: English, Urdu, Turkish, French, Farsi, Malay, Pashto, Darri, Somali, Indonesian and Bengali.

Includes Tafsir Jalalayn.

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In stock

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